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Frequently Asked Questions


We know there are always of plenty of questions when choosing the correct IT package for your business. So here are some common questions and answers.


1. What type of cover does my business need?

This is the most common question. We have tailored our packages to three distinct business types / models.

  • Businesses who should choose the adhoc Pay as you Go support.
    Small businesses who require no monitoring and only adhoc support. Those businesses who have very simple IT needs such as just a single computer with email access with no networking requirements.
  • Businesses who should choose the Small business remote support packages.
    Businesses who require some element of monitoring and remote support on a regular basis but do not have compliance and security standard, such as Cyber Essentials, to adhere to. This includes businesses who have small networks, multiple users and the management of services such as Microsoft 365, security and VOIP.
  • Businesses who should choose the Premium Support packages and let us take care of everything.
    Business who are required to meet Cyber Essentials, NIST, NHS or any other Security framework and compliance. For all of those business that have this requirement we take of your security, management of services and devices to ensure you meet the requirements of those frameworks. Also for businesses who want something to manage everything and not have to worry about security, backups, devices and management of services.


2. Is our data encrypted in the CLOUD? 

The data is securely stored in the Microsoft CLOUD which complies with all UK, European and American Data laws. Data at rest and in transit is encrypted. 


3. Can we send encrypted emails for safe document transfer?

Emails are encrypted between your clients and the Microsoft Server. You also have a feature where you can send fully encrypted emails to recipients who then have to either login with an account or confirm they are the intended recipient. If they can not authenticate then the email can not be read. This is therefore very secure way of sending information.


4. I already have a business phone number, will my number be the same if we migrate to VOIP? 

Your existing numbers are ported as part of the process so that you do not need to change any business details. There is a porting charge of £20 + VAT for each number that you want us to port into the VOIP system.


5. Do the Premium packages really include everything we need such as email, remote IT support, all licensing, yearly clean up, IT protection, data backup, help to get used to any new equipment ? 

Yes everything listed in the package is included in the simple monthly charge.

What it wouldn’t cover is the cost of new equipment and the setup of new equipment. For example you buy a new computer at £xxx and then there is a setup fee to migrate data and “build” the computer to spec. This is usually £150 + VAT and includes delivery to site, plugging in, and disposal of the old system. Also anything not in our inclusion list will be chargeable.


6. I can’t quite understand what IT support is then paid for outside of the monthly fee (it appears physical site stuff but what else)? (Premium Plus includes onsite cover as well)

You would only be charged if:

  • You call us to site to fix something
  • We cant fix something remotely and need to attend
  • There is physical damage to a peace of supplied hardware through mis-use.
  • Items not on our inclusion list.
  • 3rd party applications
  • Setup of new hardware


Its extremely rare that we have to visit site to perform a physical repair of a computer. Most things are fixed remotely. If we are nearby then we will also pop in and sort things out if required. 


7. Do you host our emails?

The emails are “hosted” in Microsoft 365. This is part of the Microsoft 365 License charges. We support and manage the email platform on your behalf. 


8. We have a phone system, will I need new phones? 

We highly recommend only using Yealink VOIP Phones. If you have supported models (T42,T46, T48 and others) then we can probably use these. If not then you have 2 options. Either headset and use your laptop or new physical phone. For truly remote working we would recommend the 3CX App for computer, mobiles etc… which provide all of the functionality you require to use the phone system without a physical phone. This is used with a wireless headset. Either a headset or physical phone would be included in the price for the extensions. 


9. How do we get the free offers detailed in the Premium packages and how long do they last?

As soon as your staff levels get to those break points then we will automatically action the offers for you. If you are in contract for any services we will not pay you out of your contracts. There are no migration charges. There maybe some installation charges or equipment changes required.

The free offers last for as long as your Premium IT Support package is paid for.


10. Do we need a landline if we move to VOIP?

No not really, unless your broadband is on the same line.
 When we provide VOIP and broadband together we installed broadband lines with no calling functions on them so in effect you would have no landline.


11. What is the Platform and Tenant charges for? Shouldn’t they be included in the per person pricing?

As mentioned we use a lot of software in order to provide all of the fantastic support, services, alerting, monitoring and products. The Platform goes someway to paying for your business to be setup on these systems so that we can provide you with all of the services listed. The reason we have separate the charges out from the per person charges is so that we can  reduce the package cost per person as low possible. We feel its always unfair that you pay for those systems based on how many people you have when we get charged per business. Therefore we are passing on savings and providing you with better value.


12. If we have Microsoft 365 and only pay for adhoc support will password resets be chargeable?

Unless you take out our Tenant administration subscription then yes all password reset will be chargeable. They are charged at a fixed rate of £10 + VAT per reset.


13. How stable are the prices quoted and will they change?

All initial agreements are for 12 months where prices are fixed. Following this you can either go on to a rolling 30 day agreement where the prices can change at any point or sign up for another fixed priced agreement for another 12 months.

For those clients who wish to fix their prices longer then we can offer a 24 month agreement and guarantee no price increases for the full 24 months.

We also offer a 10% discount for those clients that want to pay for the whole support package for a year.


14. Do you offer rolling monthly contracts on services? 

Yes we can organise this. However you will not benefit from any special offers and there is 10% premium charged for all services. This means that you can cancel the service given just 30 days notice.


16. We already have an IT Support Company who provide our services. Can you take over every thing they do for us? 

Essentially yes. However without knowing exactly what they offer its impossible to guarantee. We have yet to experience something that we can not do or support. We often migrate new clients to our preferred services which improve efficiencies to those new clients.


17. How long does it take to get fully onboarded

A very important question. We generally like to take over basic support and current systems for 2-4 weeks to get a good understanding of your business. During this period we will begin discovery of items that we need and will plan the migration to our services. The migration period then takes 2-4 weeks depending on how many services we are taking over and how much hardware we need to upgrade, replace etc. The onboarding starts when the agreement starts.

If you any questions please do not hesitate to ask.