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How fast we will support you.

We always aim to fix your issues as fast as possible. There are however many factors that can affect our resolution times. We never promise resolution times.

Standard response times are the default applied to all packages.

Priority response times are indicated on your billing.

If you wish to upgrade to priority services then let us know.

Estimated fix times are working hours Monday – Friday 8-5. The SLA timers stop out of hours.


Service SLAs

Issue Type
Standard Response
Priority Repsonse
Urgent – (COSTS)
Issues – Premium Clients 1 hour 1 hour Immediate
Issue – Contract Clients 4 hours 1 hour 30 mins (£59.00 + VAT)
Issue – Adhoc Client 8 hours 4 hours 30 mins (£59.00 + VAT)
Project 8 hours 4 hours n/a
New Order 8 hours 4 hours
30 mins (£59.00 + VAT)
Client Admin 8 hours 8 hours 30 mins (£59.00 + VAT)
Other 24 hours 8 hours n/a

Helpdesk Support Requests

All issues / queries raised by the Customer will be logged as a Ticket by the Service Provider in the Service Providers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The CRM software generates a ticket number and the Service Provider will inform the Customer of the Ticket number verbally and or via email. The ticket number shall be retained by the Customer and referenced when contacting the Service Provider.

Ticket Information
The CRM software is used for, record progress, communications and approvals relating to the Customers tickets. The Customer can request a copy of the information relating to their tickets at any time using the methods of communication listed in section 5. The Service Provider will use best endeavours to provide the Customer with the requested information in a timely manner.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Full details of the Service Provider’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be found in the ‘Client SLAs link on page one and forms part of the contract terms and conditions. It state the contracted response times to customer issues and queries relative to the prioritisation level and the level of service being provided.
​For issues raised by the customer during working hours stated in section 5, the following Priorities are available:

Normal Priority
Unless stated all tickets will be logged as High Priority and the Service Provider will respond within 1 hour of the request being received.

Urgent Priority
At the request of the Customer a ticket can be upgraded to a priority level of Urgent. Upgrading a ticket to urgent uplifts the ticket to the top of the Service Providers priorities, ahead of any scheduled tickets in the Service Provider CRM software. If an upgraded ticket is covered by your Support package, no additional labour charges will apply, however the upgrade charge as detailed in section 7 is applicable.

For all issues raised outside of normal Support Hours, SLAs will commence when the next Support Hours window opens.

For equipment not listed in the Contract, no SLAs or guaranteed response timeframes apply. All tickets raised will be resolved by the Service Provider by best endeavours.


Broadband SLAs


Issue Type
Standard Response
Priority Repsonse
Estimated Fix Time
Leased Lines 1 hour 30 mins 4 hours
FTTP / FTTC / ADSL 2 hours 30 mins 96 hours
3G/4G/5G 2 hour N/A N/A
FWA Internet 2 hour 30 mins 24 hours
VOIP 2 hour 30 mins 8 hours