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Computer Security

Computer Security? Do I need it? And should I have to pay for it? The main question is really what computers are you protecting. If you are wondering about security for your office / business computer then the answer is yes, you must get a proper secure layered...

The Cloud – What is it – Is it for me?

The Cloud this, the Cloud that, but what is it. The Cloud is basically the ‘internet’, and much like the stormy clouds over England the Cloud is big, up there and constantly surrounding us. Storing things in the Cloud is therefore storing it on the ‘internet’ rather...

Internet Drop outs

I'm experiencing disconnections / dropouts with my broadband, what can I do? There are many things that can disrupt the broadband signal and cause a dropout so before phoning you Internet Provider try the following: If you are on wireless try a cabled connection to...


Let’s be honest, computers are some of the most annoying items in the home, yet we rely on them hugely for many daily tasks like banking, shopping and emailing. Two of the main causes for the frustration is the speed of them or because it seems to do its own thing....

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IT System Support

Complete system support and repairs for businesses.

IT Installations

Solutions to improve your current IT systems.

WiFi Installation

wifi upgrades to make sure you stay connected.

Cloud Solutions

Setting your systems free to work securely anywhere.


Backup Solutions

complete backup solutions to keep your data safe.

Hosted Email

Business class email solutions keeping you in contact.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of your systems to keep them working.


Onsite Callouts

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Managed Services

Let JMV manage your IT systems for complete peace of mind.

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Office 365 solutions increase connectivity and productivity.

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Keeping your computers safe from harmful internet threats.