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Service Definitions

To better explain what the Premium Packages come with we have detailed the services below to demonstrate the fantastic protection and improvements they bring to your business.

Premium 365 License

This is the main Microsoft 365 Licence and provides the back bone to the entire package. This is the license that provides your email, Office programs, Sharepoint, OneDrive etc…

This allows you to download the office applications onto 5 devices per person.


Basic 365 License

This is the basic Microsoft 365 License that provides access to Sharepoint, OneDrive, Office Online and your email. You can not download office with this license

This is perfect for people who only work online and do not have a dedicated computer or need downloadable office.


Microsoft 365 Defender

This is a Virus protection system for Microsoft 365. It offers 360 degree protection for your Microsoft Users, Tenants, Mailboxes, Sharepoint Files and OneDrive files. It alerts JMV to issues, stops attacks and helps secures your business; this is must for any business using Microsoft 365.


Safe Links for Microsoft 365

This product scans all of the links in your emails and Office files to ensure there are not rogue links which would take you to dodgy and malicious websites. Microsoft gather information on millions of domains and websites and catalogues these dodgy locations, stopping users clicking on them and compromising your business.


Safe Attachments for Microsoft 365

This product scans all of your email attachments for Virus’ and Malware ensuring that when you get sent something there is a greater chance it is safe to click on. This offers a great layer of protection to your business and helps reduce risks from users clicking on attachments that could lead to security breaches.


Unlimited Microsoft 365 Backup

Backing up your business data and your client data is crucial these days. We take the pain away by enabling daily backups of all data in Sharepoint, OneDrive and Outlook ensuring that if you get hacked, someone deletes something or you overwrite data then we can get it back for you. With retention periods of up to 7 years this is completely GDPR and Data Protection compliant. An absolute must for most businesses these days.


Advanced Microsoft 365 Security, Monitoring and Management

Microsoft 365 is like a really advanced serve and like a server it needs maintaining, monitoring and securing. This is something that takes hours each month to ensure your business and data is safe. We take full control of this and complete hundreds of checks each and every month.


Sharepoint Mapped Drives

Sharepoint is amazing however working online in Sharepoint can sometimes be frustrating. Everyone is used to working from mapped drives so we have invested in a tool that makes it possible to map drives directly to Sharepoint. This means you can work exactly as you did when access a server or having the data on your local computer / NAS drive. This will provide huge efficiencies for your business.


Managed Microsoft 365 Email Signatures 

Ensuring that your emails contain your brand and business details is vital for customer confidence, loyalty and marketing, however Microsoft 365 signature options are poor. We add the amazing Exclaimer Email Signature service to ensure that every email you and your business sends has your business signature on it, every time and from every device – even your Mobiles devices. We fully design and manage this service so its set and forget for you.


Defender Endpoint to protect your laptop from Malware and Virus’ 

Ensuring your computer or laptop is secure is vital to all businesses no matter how large or small. We help secure your devices using the latest Microsoft Next Generation Business Endpoint Security. This is fully monitored by JMV so we get alerted to issues and react to any and all virus alerts, helping to reduce risk to your business.


Device management and Advanced Security Policies 

This service adds multiple layers of protection to your devices to help reduce security breaches. We are able to completely lock down specific aspects of your devices to stop Virus and security breaches from damaging your business. This also includes the management of your Windows Patches and Updates which is a MUST HAVE for Cyber Essentials. We take care and look after your devices, so you can work securely.


Secure DNS 

Unfortunately the internet is full of rogue and dodgy websites trying to steal your data. By implementing Secure DNS we are able to block these websites reduce the risk of your users clicking or accessing those damaging websites. This provides a huge layer of protection for your business. Its not just about security though as we can block websites categorised by 50 different categories – such as Social Media, Weapons, Adult Content, Malicious and so on; meaning that your staff can not access any websites in those categories, further protecting your staff and business.


Unlimited IT Support 

This is the IT support that you and staff receive from us to keep you working and your business operating. Every member of staff gets Unlimited Remote Support from our experienced staff Monday to Friday for all items included in the Premium package as well as common programs such as Windows, Office, Updates as well as hardware and peripheral issues.

We can not support 3rd Party applications such as Sage, QuickBooks, Photoshop or other programs as we do not supply these applications. We will of course try and help and will work with the 3rd Party Supplier wherever possible.


Dark web monitoring

Probably something you have never heard of; but this is vital in helping keep your business secure. The Dark web is where the nasty things happen on the internet, completely un-monitored and untraceable. If passwords are stolen then this is where people go to sell that data. Using Dark web monitoring we get alerted to any email address that your business uses that appears on the Dark Web. This then gives us the opportunity to change your passwords before they get into hands of hackers.


Yearly device clean ups and check-ups

Each year we will perform a remote clean up of your devices and perform a check to see how things are performing with it. This helps identify issues, ensure devices are up to date and gives us the opportunity to ensure things are working as they should.


Priority support, all tickets classed as high priority.

All issues that you or your staff ask us to help with are treated as priority. This means that we will get working on the issue no longer than 1 hour from the time logged during normal business hours and ahead of all other Adhoc or small business clients. This helps keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.


User Security Online Training

Ensuring users understand the huge amount of security threats that they are presented with and then what to do is really difficult. This service automates that training. By sending our simulated attack emails to users we get identify people who can not tell the malicious emails from the safe ones and then send them some simple and clear training to help them learn and develop their cyber awareness skills. This is last layer of security and perhaps the most important – are your users aware of the threats??