Wireless coverage issues?

There are things you can do to help yourself.

Do you have multiple wireless devices in the home or work place ranging from Laptops to smart TVs, and experiencing wireless issues? If you are, then ask yourself these questions:

Is my router an old model? If yes it may be time to upgrade to a newer model to take advantage of the new wireless technologies which provide a stronger wireless signal.

Is it positioned in the best place in my house? If the router is positioned at one end of the house but you need connection from upstairs and or the opposite side of the house then think about moving it somewhere more central? Sometimes this can be as easy as moving it utilising the existing cabling but sometimes it may involve having additional cabling professionally installed.

If you have a newer style router and it is positioned in the centre of the house but you are still having coverage issues then it is most probably down to your building. Wireless performance in open air can travel a long way, however as soon as walls get in the way the performance drops rapidly. The thicker and more sturdy the walls the more they affect wireless performance. Modern building materials can also dramatically affect the performance. Today stud walls can be made using metal studs, thicker plaster board and foil backed insulation which will all cause your wireless to have coverage issues. If this is the case then you need to install additional wireless access points to spread and boost the wireless signal in order to fix your wireless coverage issues.

If you need any advice or you want your wireless coverage improved please do not hesitate to contact your local IT experts; JMV Solutions on 01626 821160.